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Our #1 Goal is to increase foot traffic downtown.

This is still our purpose today, and the over 160 LAVA members believe in a revitalized and energized downtown – quite a change from the three or four who first envisioned the Los Altos Village Association.

LAVA is also involved in other aspects of downtown life. Our members participate in several committees that work to improve the downtown area, keep in touch with city affairs and the pulse of the community. These committees include the Property Owner’s Committee, City Affairs/Economic Development Committee, Beautification Committee and Promotions Committee.

LAVA staff and committee members work closely with other organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and Kiwanis

for the betterment of downtown and the Los Altos community as a whole. 

LAVA also acts as a link between the City of Los Altos and downtown businesses. Members can count on LAVA staff to help solve concerns or issues with code interpretation, parking and other issues.

You can show your support in several ways; join the Village Association, shop downtown on a regular basis, or even become an Event Sponsor by filling out this Sponsorship Form.
Either way, we welcome your support!

Scott Hunter
Administrative Director

Los Altos Village Association